SMWS – 33.137 – Campfire marshmallows on singed sticks

At last, an Ardbeg release! This one was limited for the Gathering event, and not for sale: quite a treat indeed. I was curious about how it’d differ with the official releases. This one is a 10 years old, 1st fill bourbon – so it was bound to be interesting for a peaty one, in my opinion.

SMWS 33.137
SMWS 33.137


Sweet bonfire – weird yet nice sweetness, quite palatable. Vanilla obviously, yet cloves notes that I did enjoy.


Typical Ardbeg peat, cloves added and a surprising fruity yet hard to define precisely background.


Medium long finish.


This one was a really nice finish. I did enjoy it very much, as it was a nice change from old releases and a good peaty addition – can’t resist peat. I ended up sipping it to the bitter end!

Rating: 92/100

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