SMWS 137.3 – Smouldering englishness

The third SMWS release from Saint George’s Distillery (The English Whisky), a 9 years old first fill ex-bourbon barrel. This one measured against the Laphroaig I had before – which was hard, but I was told it was founded by an ex from Laphroaig based on English peat. Why not?

Saint George SMWS 137.3
Image courtesy of SMWS


A very surprising juniper start, followed by sea salt, chocolate and apricot, and at the very end a low key custard.


Attacking on an alcoholic burn. Milk chocolate, very smooth smoke with a slight sea salty after taste.


Finish a bit short yet on sea salt crystals, with this smooth smoke bringing them forward.


I discovered a new distillery with this one. I have absolutely no regret but this one: I waited for the Joie de vivre release on October 10th to make my order and there was none of this release left. My world is misery.

Rating: 89/100