SMWS 29.195 – Charred staves and black dragon tea

A Laphroaig. Cue a picture of myself mouth ajar, saliva dropping on the floor. This is my kind of peat. A 16 years old ex-bourbon refill barrel exclusive to France. Bet you’re jealous!

Nectar for gods


Iode, fresh and light, reminiscent of a sea side on a rainy morning, fresh fleshy fruits.


Low key attack, fruity and smoky the Laphroaig way, building up on smoke with light touch of vanilla, smelling the sea in the far out.


Finish on apricot, smooth and lasting in the mouth, leaving this salty taste making you ache for more.


Give me the bottle. Give me all bottles. I don’t care how you do it but I want one.

Rating: 95/100

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