SMWS 46.82 – A journey from light to dark

Ah, an old one! 26 years old Glenlossie, obviously coming from the Old & Dignified category, and coming from a refill ex-bourbon hogshead again. A good change from the light drams we had before this one.

Glenlossie SMWS 46.82
Image courtesy of SMWS


Vanilla, some sort of old Madeira, almost liquorous, light spices.


Sweet all over, prunes, some chocolate, adding water lets some spices get out, very light yet profound in some sort of an unplaceable way.


Quite a low key finish yet lasting, dates, plums.


An interesting dram, but at this price point (£144) and with this finish, I’m afraid that even though it was good, it’s a pass for me.

Rating: 88/100

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