SMWS 7.217 – Joie de vivre

This was the meat of the meeting truly. A 14 years old Longmorn, exclusive to France. I never tasted Longmorn before so I went in curious, open minded and thirsty. It’s a first fill ex-bourbon barrel.

Longmorn SMWS 7.217
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First came the barrel: vanilla, slight oak. But then I was surprised by the floral aspect: geranium, carnation. Smooth!


Smooth start going on a fruity (mango, passion fruit) middle and ending on flowers.


A bit short of a finish, vanilla and flowers again.


Well, that was quite a treat for my first Longmorn. I think this is the first time I can smell such a smooth and pleasing floral smell. It was tough rating this one – I removed some points for the short finish. But I bought one!

Rating: 88/100

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