SMWS 71.65 – Cracking – Crispy & Crunchy!

We started our tasting with a Glenburgie – I can only say I was expecting it very much. I’ve recently tasted a very nice Glenburgie 1995 (the 20, rue d’Anjou edition from LMDW) and was positively ecstatic with it. So I had high expectations for this 8 years old, first fill ex-bourbon barrel.

Glenburgie SMWS 71.65 Cracking - Crispy & Crunchy!
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A true Bourbon barrel – Vanilla and custard on the forefront. But then, this Glenburgie note of peach, candy floss or sweet candy.


Candy, sweet and vanilla, like these little candies tasting peachy.


The finish is heavily on peach, lengthy yet mellow.


To me, this was a very fruity nectar. I loved it very much (and actually bought a bottle, a given for £44). The very fruity notes were sharp, and writing that, I almost can feel it back, rolling on the tongue.

Rating: 90/100

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