SMWS 9.168 – Cedar bigger picture

I tend not to really go for the Light & Delicate category of the SMWS. Usually, I’m a fan of strong flavours. So I eyed this Glen Grant with some bias, I’m afraid. But heh – why not try? It came from a refill ex-bourbon hogshead.

Glen Grant SMWS 9.168
Image courtesy of SMWS


At first, the typical Glen Grant citrus came out along with some sort of astringency, on a background of meringue and some oak.


Very surprising meringue on the attack! Then lemon meringue pie, lemon meringue pie, and lemon meringue pie again with some slight vanilla at the end.


Short finish, sadly.


It was a surprise as when I mentioned lemon meringue pie, everyone present said “ooh yes!”. It’s not often to feel such a clear cut, explicit sensory experience shared across an assembly of 6.

Rating: 85/100

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