Fuji Single Blended Japanese Whisky

Kirin Fuji Single Blended is a Japanese whisky made by the Kirin Fuji Gotemba distillery. Positioned at an elevation of 620 metres, this distillery is nestled in the town of Gotemba, at the base of Mount Fuji. Kirin Fuji is made utilising 100% single malt and single grain sourced exclusively from the distillery (so this is a genuine Japanese whisky). The single malts, distilled using pot stills, and the single grains, distilled using Doubler, Batch Kettle, and Column stills, are subsequently aged in American oak casks. Single blends, a rare category encompassing blends that exclusively feature malt and grain derived from a singular distillery, are a unique find in the world of whiskies. Consequently, it is worth exploring this Fuji Single Blended Japanese Whisky.

Fuji Single Blended Japanese Whisky Review

As previously indicated, this single blend is made using exclusively sourced single malts and single grains from the Fuji-Gotemba distillery. This particular expression is bottled at 43% ABV, and it is likely that it has undergone coloration and chill-filtration processes. While it is readily available in France with a price starting from €51, regrettably, I was unable to locate any stockists in the United Kingdom at this time.

Fuji Single Blended Japanese Whisky




Neat: The nose presents a sweet and grainy aroma with distinct notes of vanilla, honey, and a subtle hint of caramel. There is a noticeable presence of sweet malt and corn, reminiscent of a tin can of corn. Additionally, I could detect soft fruity notes, including traces of apricot, peach, and quince.


Neat: The palate reveals a sweet initial impression accompanied by a somewhat thin mouthfeel. Delicate spices gently unfold, while the presence of the grain whiskies remains prominent. Vanilla and honey flavours dominate, with subtle undertones of diluted caramel. Fruity notes emerge, showcasing hints of pear and peach. A touch of pepper adds a slight kick, with a subtle bitterness from the wood.


The finish is of medium length, characterised by a transition from vanilla sweetness to a lingering wood bitterness.


This Fuji Single Blended Japanese Whisky, with its charming bottle featuring the clever embossed image of Fuji-san at the bottom, is a good choice to introduce novice whisky enthusiasts to the world of Japanese whiskies. While it may not deliver groundbreaking flavours, it serves as a pleasant and enjoyable opening dram before a journey or as a spirit to share among friends, with the likelihood of it being drunk rather swiftly.

Rating: 80/100

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