Bushmills Original review

This whiskey is the entry level of the core range. It’s a blend of triple distilled malt whiskey and grain whiskey aged in a combination of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, with the malt part being above 50% of the blend. It’s bottled at a cheap 40% ABV and is probably chill-filtered and coloured. It’s sold for around 17-20€ in France, and £16-20 in the UK.

The colour, not that we can really trust it, is Amontillado.

Bushmills Original
Bushmills Original


Fruity (orange, pineapple, plum) and floral, with a touch of wet moss and a bit of acetone in the background.


Sweet and slightly spicy arrival (cinnamon, pinch of pepper) then becomes a wee bit spicier (evolving a bit towards ginger) and… salty? The mouthfeel is not too thin despite the 40% ABV.


A bit short, with a slight heat and drying in the mouth, with a touch of bitterness and pineapple.


Well you can’t expect much at that price, it lacks depth and the finish is short, but it’s quite decent anyway.

Rating: 74/100