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In the backdrop of Japan’s whisky shortage crisis in 2015, renowned brands such as Nikka and Suntory found themselves grappling with depleted stockpiles of aged whisky. In response, they made the strategic decision to either discontinue age statements for their flagship expressions or significantly curtail production, opting instead for controlled allocations to their distributors. This scarcity, coupled with a fervent fear of missing out and an element of greed, precipitated an unprecedented surge in prices for the remaining inventory, a trend that has persisted unabated till present day. Amidst this tumultuous landscape, however, That Boutique-y Whisky Company defied the odds by unearthing a cache of 21-year-old Japanese blended whisky, releasing six batches over a few years.

Japanese Blended Whisky #1 21 yo Batch 2 That Boutique-y Whisky Company Review

What lies within our glass today is the batch 2 of Japanese Blended Whisky #1 21-year-old from That Boutique-y Whisky Company. Regrettably, scant information is available regarding its origins or the specific casks employed in its maturation. Bottled at 47.7% ABV, this whisky initially carried a retail price of approximately £175 for a 50 cl bottle. Surprisingly, it can still be found in select German establishments, priced from €180.

Japanese Blended Whisky #1 21yo Batch 2 That Boutique-y Whisky Company


Amontillado Sherry


Neat: Initially, cereals take the forefront, accompanied by a pleasing sweetness. Freshly crushed vanilla pods impart a rich aroma. Nuances of light tobacco, stone fruits, dried herbs, eucalyptus, and rosewater emerge gradually.

With water: Introducing water into the mix may slightly disrupt the balance, as the grain whisky components become more discernible in the ensemble.


Neat: The palate offers a light yet oily texture. Herbal nuances dance alongside the flavours of jasmine tea, candied ginger, subtle woodiness, vanilla, and hints of milk chocolate. The presence of grain whisky in the blend is evident but tastefully restrained, ensuring a balanced profile.

With water: Adding water unveils a slightly more pronounced grainy character, accompanied by zesty citrus notes reminiscent of pomelo and grapefruit.


The finish leaves a lasting impression with an interplay of herbal bitterness, rich oak woodiness, and a subtle spice medley of nutmeg and pepper.


I would have preferred a slightly lower reduction, perhaps around 50% ABV, to enhance the whisky’s viscosity for a more indulgent mouthfeel. Nonetheless, this whisky remains a delightful one, showcasing impeccable blending and flavours. While it may have seemed pricey for a 21-year-old Japanese blend initially, its value has undoubtedly appreciated over time. If there’s a chance to acquire it at a discounted price, I wouldn’t hesitate to add a bottle to my collection.

Rating: 7/10

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