Quick review: Blended Whisky #2 22yo batch 3 TBWC

Behind the ninth window of That Boutique-y Whisky Company’s 2019 Advent Calendar we will be reviewing each day until the 24th of December was hidden a Blended Whisky #2 22-year-old batch 3, bottled at 41.8% abv by that Boutique-y Whisky Company. The black and white label seems to show a white glove going through a barley field. This batch was released in May 2018 with an outturn of 1650 bottles. It is still available at Master of Malt for a mere £63.95.

Blended Whisky #2 22yo batch 3 TBWC
One of the 1650 bottles of this Blended Scotch Whisky #2 22yo batch 3. Image courtesy of TBWC.


Old Sauternes.

We too can have disembodied gloves!


Coldorak: Vanilla and caramel are immediately recognizable, then quickly followed by orange, honey and sultanas. Quite delicate nose.

Ainulindalë: Orange and cherries in alcohol, some sort of port in the background tying it all together and obviously – spices. Cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg, running over a present yet low-key oak. A good one!


Coldorak: Very sweet arrival, fruity, with a touch of ginger. A bit thin mouthfeel at first. Mid-palate, the spices get slightly more present, with oak, vanilla, caramel and more sweetness, almost sugary. I would have loved a bit more abv and a thicker mouthfeel.

Ainulindalë: Attacking on orange which leaves place to the oak and then a very gingery top, itself leaving way to nutmeg, caramel and even sandalwood. It starts very sweet but builds up to its top note of ginger in a very smooth and low profile way.


Coldorak: Medium length for the finish, on oak, caramel and dark chocolate dipped in an espresso.

Ainulindalë: Sweet and mellow, all about decreasing from the top note, medium length and leaving a sandalwood note.


Coldorak: 87/100

Ainulindalë: 89/100

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