Quick review: Cotswolds 3yo batch 1 TBWC

Behind the seventeenth window of That Boutique-y Whisky Company’s 2019 Advent Calendar we will be reviewing each day until the 24th of December was hidden a Cotswolds 3yo batch 1, bottled at 50.4% abv by that Boutique-y Whisky Company. Cotswolds is a very young English distillery as it has been founded in 2014 and produces whisky, gin and other spirits. They have three small stills: a wash still (2400 litres) and a spirit still (1600 litres) for the whisky and a Holstein still (500 litres) to distil gin and other spirits. This Boutique-y release had an outturn of 1783 bottles and can still be found on Master of Malt for £58.95.

Beware of what you may find under a bush. Photo courtesy of Master of Malt.


Deep Gold.

One pic, two drams, that's cost killing.
Cotswolds on the left, James E. Pepper on the right, and friends’ coins all over the place!


Coldorak: Vanilla, caramel and tropical fruits : passion, mango and pineapple, but also orchard fruits with ripe apricots. The nose, though fruity, is also a bit spirity, but not that much for a whisky that young. A touch of cinnamon and some floral notes (lavender and roses?) are also discernable on the background.

Ainulindalë: An interesting nose, all on fruit and flowers. There’s some pears in there followed by roses and young oak, not overpowering. Pleasant vanilla underlines it all. Surprising nose for a dram that age.


Coldorak: Sweet and spicy arrival with an oily mouthfeel, the palate is fruity, but the fruits are totally different from the nose: we’re more on citrus here with lemon, orange and grapefruit. Quite some spices with cinnamon and pepper, a bit of wood (was it an STR cask?) and toasted malt. Reduction brings more sweetness and reinforce the tingling pepper.

Ainulindalë: The mouth is a bit different and starts quite malty with a strong alcohol tinge. Hay and malt dust overpowering the pears and flowers of the nose, adding peach to the mix. It is a bit oily, but just a bit. Adding water to it tones down the hay and malt dust quite a bit and reconciles it a bit more with the nose but tones down the fruitiness a bit too – shame!


Coldorak: Long and warm, the spices really warm the throat, even when reduced. Hints of grapefruit stay in the mouth.

Ainulindalë: It finishes with a hefty length on vanilla and peach.


Coldorak: Quite young but quite good, the spirit is solid and the maturation went quite well in those 3 short years. Not sure about the wood and Boutique-y’s brand ambassador Dave Worthington didn’t remember with certainty which wood it was, but anyway, that’s a good young whisky (might well be bourbon casks then STR casks: red wine casks having been shaved, toasted and re-charred)

Ainulindalë: Interesting dram for one so young. A fresh nose yet a strong mouth. This is an interesting experiment but I do wonder how it’d evolve with a bit more time maturing.


Coldorak: 83/100

Ainulindalë: 84/100

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