Armorik 21-Year-Old Single Bottle

Indeed, just a solitary bottle, or one might even liken it to a (small) demijohn, as described by Warenghem Distillery. Finespirits Auction and LMDW have launched a special spirits auction in support of Fondation GoodPlanet. This remarkable auction kicked off during Whisky Live Paris and is set to run until November 3, 2023. An exceptional item up for bidding is a distinctive bottle or demijohn from the Warenghem Distillery, boasting their most extended age statement to date: a single 2-litre bottle of Armorik 21-Year-Old.

The GoodPlanet Foundation

The GoodPlanet Foundation, acknowledged as a public service organisation, was founded in 2005 by Yann Arthus-Bertrand as an extension of his artistic endeavours and dedication. Its goal is to raise awareness about ecological and solidarity issues among as many people as possible and to actively promote a more sustainable world, both in the field, within businesses, and among communities. In 2017, the GoodPlanet Foundation inaugurated the first-ever dedicated space for ecology and solidarity in Paris, nestled in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne: 3.5 hectares of natural beauty that welcome nearly 60,000 visitors annually. Here, they can immerse themselves in the experience of positive and compassionate ecology through an engaging artistic and cultural program, all offered free of charge.

Armorik 21-Year-Old Review

This unique bottle originates from Spanish oak refill Oloroso sherry cask number 3268. Distilled in July 2002, the whisky underwent a 21-year maturation period until it was poured into a 2-litre bottle in September 2023. Surprisingly, the alcohol by volume remained remarkably stable over two decades, only decreasing to 59.9% ABV. If you’re interested in acquiring this bottle, act swiftly and visit Fineauctions’ website with your credit card ready. As of November 1st, the bidding for this lot swiftly rose from €1 at the auction’s opening to €902 before commission. It is estimated to reach around €2,000 before commission by the end of the auction on November 3rd!

Armorik 21-year-old cask 3268




Neat: The nose is notably intense, featuring nutty and rancio notes. There are hints of cherry pie, blackcurrant flowers, and quince. After resting for a while, a touch of cured meat emerges, followed by a hint of peppered strawberry soup and a subtle herbal freshness, possibly with traces of eucalyptus and elderflower.

With water: The alcohol sharpness becomes slightly stronger, revealing more prominent chocolate notes, including some milk chocolate. Some pralines and salted butter caramel as well.


Neat: At 21 years old, this whisky still possesses remarkable vitality! It offers intense dark chocolate with pieces of dried raspberry, accompanied by a pleasant chili and tabasco kick. There are undertones of black pepper and heavily charred oak, followed by earthy notes reminiscent of a dunnage warehouse, dusty books, and freshly tanned leather. Surprisingly, there’s a noticeable hint of cold ash from a fireplace. The texture is creamy, with a subtle touch of ashiness.

With water: The palate reveals notes of salted butter caramel, along with intensified chili and tabasco flavours. The mouthfeel becomes slightly prickly. Subtle hints of bitter orange marmalade and a few drops of pink grapefruit juice emerge, accompanied by leafy notes. There are also umami undertones reminiscent of salted soy sauce.


The finish lingers with flavours of sweetened grapefruit juice, quince jam, and a hint of tabasco heat. There’s a subtle presence of charred oak and a touch of salted soy sauce. A gentle drying sensation is felt on the gums, and the finish persists for a medium length of time.


This 21-year-old Armorik whisky stands as the best Armorik I’ve ever experienced. Whilst I loved their 16-year-old single cask and their 2010 Palo Cortado single cask (that I still haven’t reviewed here), this 21-year-old expression stands on a level of its own. Its depth of flavours and seamless integration, without an overwhelming woodiness but with a rich interplay of fruitiness, spices, and even drier notes like ash, are truly exceptional. It’s regrettable that I cannot afford the 2-litre demijohn, as I would gladly indulge in at least that much of this remarkable whisky. Congratulations to everyone at Warenghem for creating such a stunning whisky.

Rating: 92/100

Sample provided by Warenghem Distillery, thank you very much David! But despite that and the fact that it is auctioned for a non-profit foundation, this review expresses my sincere opinion about this whisky.

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