SMWS 30.106

SMWS – 30.106 – Succulent, scintillating, substantial

Moving on from the previous categories, this one is coming right from the Spirit of Speyside festival as it was released to celebrate it. It sits in the “Deep, rich and dried fruits” expressions for SMWS which I also tend to appreciate, and it’s obviously a PX, 2nd fill. As to the origin, it’s a 21 years old Glenrothes, continuing then with the spring cleaning of old barrels!

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SMWS – G7.14 – Always room for dessert

Fair warning for this one, I’m not a huge fan of grain to this day. I’ve been seen pouring my rye in a glass to fix myself some hot toddie – this is how much I want to drink it neat.
Either way, this one is a Girvan, and again, is boasting a quite surprising 27 years old in the “Spicy and sweet” category, which I’m usually a fan of.

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Glen Ord 77.53

SMWS 77.53 – A delectable confection

This little Glen Ord was for me the first opportunity to taste something from this distillery. It’s always good to be able to blindly try things like that in order to challenge the acquired taste. Plus, starting with a vault collection bottle? Quite a boon. It stated a surprising 27 years old age statement along with a 41.3% ABV. Time to drink it indeed!

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SMWS – August outturn tasting event at Mersea, Paris

SMWS – August outturn tasting event at Mersea, Paris

When I really got into Whisky, I had the opportunity to go on a trip to Scotland for the Spirit of Speyside festival.

We were celebrating Coldorak’s birthday and at the same time planning to enjoy Scotland and its distilleries. And boy we did.

One of the event we attended was Glen Moray’s May 4th 2019. May the fourth anyone? It was cohosted by Glen Moray and the SMWS that I didn’t know before then.

Have a look at the happy attendance

The SMWS is an independent bottler somehow atypical: it’s a club and you need to be a member if you want to partake in the goodies. It releases almost only single casks, cask strength, non chill-filtered whiskies at a very affordable price.

I was intrigued with the SMWS and it didn’t take long for me to commit myself to become a member. Fast forward to August 2019 and I finally did my first tasting session with the Parisian members at Mersea.

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